June 21, 2024

Need to change in food if want to live long

By recent research, extremely easy options are available for living a long life. Researchers believed that spicy food with gravy not only increase the taste also make our life longer.

University of California researchers believes that chili-spice-rich diet is helpful not only in the giving relief from the pain, also in increasing the age.

The researchers found that in my research on mice, they did not get the signal of pain after taking spicy gravy as well as their age gets increased also.

According to them, a protein named TRPV-1 that is able to realize the pain did not form because of such type of diet and their life gets increased approximately 14%.

The researchers accept that people get more healthy by taking such types of food. Additionally, the memory retains for a long time.

This research is published in the journal cell.

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