June 18, 2024

Now Salman is in news for his beautiful neighbor

Mishti became Salman new neighbor

Who wouldn’t want to be in the neighborhood of Salman Khan… Why would Salman also don’t want a beautiful face in his neighborhood! News that Mishthi, who was in the Subhash Ghai’s flop film ‘ Kanchi’ is now the neighbor of Salman Khan in Bandra. It was the dream of Mishti to live in the neighborhood of Salman Khan. She is very happy because dreams turn into the reality and she is now the neighbor of star Salman Khan.

Dipika Padukone is getting unique nowadays. Everyone wants to take her as an item dancer in his film. In the direction of Farah Khan, Deepika did an item dance in the Sharrukh Khan starrer movie ‘Happy New Year’. She has also the proposal to do the item number in the Salman’s movie ‘Kick’. But according to the sources, Deepika has refused to do the dance in ‘Kick’ because she is the lead actress in ‘happy New Year’. It is clear that she does not like to see her as an item dancer.

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