December 11, 2023
Heat Strokes
Heat Strokes

Home Remedies to prevent you from the Heat Strokes

Now it is the time when everyone feels the heat strokes in this summer. At this time, don’t panic, if not feeling well because of heat, due to lack of water or any other reason.

So many things are available at home by which patient gets relaxed when feeling unwell because of heatstrokes.  Know about the home remedies from which get well –

Onion – Onion has been considered very effective to prevent from the heat strokes in Ayurveda. This is  the reason that people in olden times kept an onion when went outside in the summer afternoon. The juice of onion is also useful when rub it on the chest and ear.

Basil Leaf – Extract the juice of basil leaf and mix sugar in it. Give it several times in a day to the patient.

Raw Mango- Raw Mango is also useful in summer. Boil it and put it in cold water, then extract its pulp and mix it with cumin, pudina and salt. Mix all of them and grind it.

Buttermilk- Take buttermilk in summer.

Aloe Vera- The juice of Aloe Vera is good for the health in summer.

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