May 15, 2024

How Salman Khan was shocked by his ex-girlfriends

This is about the friendship of Salman’s two ex-girlfriends Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. Both were in discussions because of their relationship with Salman. But at this time they are in the news because of their friendship.

Yes, Ash and Katrina are meeting each other always in Abu Dhabi. Both are seen in Abu Dhabi’s hotel when taking dinner. It means that now they both know the strengths of each other.

Why did they meet in Abu Dhabi?

Actually, when Ash was returning from Cannes, then stayed in Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, Katrina was busy there in the shooting of the film ‘Bang’.

They forgot all the bitterness and became friends in Abu Dhabi. Last year Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor celebrated Diwali with the Bachchan family and at that time Kat and Aish met as a friend. Any ways, no one are getting more affected from this news, but this news is definitely surprising for Salman Khan.

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