June 21, 2024
Mental Health
Mental Health

Mental Health

Our awareness
Mental health is often neglected in our society. Some of us know about it , some of us have misconceptions and some of us are not aware . The mental trauma is like that nobody even wants to talk about it. We are afraid of society. What will they say , how will they react. There is one word we use for all kinds of problems: MAD. But it’s not true every mental disorder is not mad.
The position of India in happiness index is 144th in total of 156 countries. We can easily assume the tension level of people in India. Lots of progress and development is going on in various fields. But our happiness index is so low ,why is it happening?
Depression is growing very rapidly in our society ,even in young kids. Which is the matter of great concern. We have to understand the problem behind it. Only then we can solve it.
First we have to understand the problem . There are three types of personalities Average person, Bipolar person and Cyclothymic person.
An average person will face mood swing occasionally but there will be no effect on his personal and work life of this mood swing.
The duration of mood swing can be of several hours whereas Bipolar personality will face ups and down in mood swing more frequently. His mood can be up for an hour a week and then down for around a week or two.
A Cyclothymic person can not face down in mood swings .His mood
Will be on the lower side frequently. It can last up to weeks. The working and personal life can be affected by this kind of lifestyle. He can lose his job , lose relationship bonding , friends , interest in different aspects of life. In scientific terms we can call it Depression.
Depression is not a new term. We all are aware of it . But most of us don’t know how to deal with it. First important point is that Depression is treatable.Yes you heard it right we can treat depression with proper medication from a health practitioner .
There are some health conditions which can also lead to the symptoms of depression such as pregnancy, sleep disorder, autism, if there is a slight change in the level of neurotransmitter it can result in mood swing or mood disorder.
Following are some questions to measure the level of depression. Answer them honestly
• Lost interest in those which were very interesting before.
• Difficulty in sleeping or too much sleeping.
• Difficulty in concentration.
• Loss of appetite.
• Anger.
• No touch with friends.
• Low self esteem.
• Low energy level or feel tired all the time.
• Talking or moving very slowly
• If the answers to most of these questions are mostly then you should refer to a doctor. It’s no shame to meet a doctor. Depression is a disease which needs proper medication. When we are facing fever or cold then we go to the doctor without any hesitation. Then why not in depression.
In world suicide rate is every 49 second. In India suicide rate per million is 10.6. Every year approximately 8 lakh people died due to suicide. Think about it.  

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