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beat the heat this summer
beat the heat this summer

Beat the heat this summer with these simple steps

Heat is on its high , don’t let it down you.
It’s a cycle of weather: hot hot summer, wet rain, and cold winter. But as the human interference is increasing, summer is becoming longer and more difficult to survive. Temperature goes in many areas up to 51 degree centigrade. The average temperature of our earth is increasing.
Prevent the dehydration
Prevention is better than cure. We all know it. So we have to prevent the dehydration by taking an adequate amount of liquids. These liquids can be vegetable juice, lemonade, fruit juice and water. It will be better to eat such fruits and vegetables which have high content of water such as cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, orange, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant , spinach etc.
In a single day on an average two liter of water should be consumed. But before some activities, in which the body becomes dehydrated such as workout, going out in peak heat hours. Always try to carry a bottle of water with you. It would be great if add some salt, sugar and lemon. You can carry or mix a pouch of ORS with it.
If Body becomes Dehydrated
If somehow your body becomes dehydrated, then after taking the correct measures we can easily dehydrate ourselves. These are.
➢ Mild dehydration can be recovered by drinking adequate amount of water.
➢ ORS mix with water will provide sufficient nutrients.
➢ Ice lolly, milk, juice, soup, rest in shade can help .
Severe dehydration
Dehydration can be severe also. If you have given below symptoms, contact your doctor.
➢Sunken eyes
➢Rapid breathing and heart beat
➢Very dry skin
➢Very dark or no peeing

Our body is 75% made of water , it can’t function well in shortage of water. Kidneys can be affected by dehydration. Untreated severe dehydration can also lead to permanent brain damage.
If all these problems can be avoided by a plain glass of water then why not go for it. Save water because water is life.

beat the heat this summer

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