December 9, 2023

Learn some interesting facts related to Breast

When the world is composed of women from sexual attraction are always Breast. They stare men and women are take care them .

Due to some misunderstandings small problem women often take the sail .

Bra in the beginning of the 20th century

By the 19th century there were hardly any bra . Women ‘s scarf like cloth by covering their breast size were made ​​. At the beginning of the 20th century saw the arrival of bras and bra 1930s began making large scale .

Bra cup size bra makers began to make people so that they individually to fit the size of the breast .

Breast surgery is very popular

Breast  in plant  for girls nowadays have been providing beautiful appearance .   women breast surgery was first associated with glamor , but also from the upper class and middle class women and girls are getting it . And elegant high society, the social pressure have made this surgery is now quite popular .

American Society of Plastic surgeon According to the data available for 2006 and Breasts size of the steady increase in the number of plastic surgery . The majority of those women who had surgery to reduce the size of Breast wanted to do .

Breast feeding is  increased

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , according to a report from 2007, the number of women who undergo breast feeding significantly increased . More than five per cent of women and four per cent for three months, women started breastfeeding their baby is six months .

Statistics show that black women and the way women whose income is more than thirty women breastfeed .

Breast look at the lives of men

The researchers found that men women than any other part of the long stare at Breast . Whatever regardless of their size .

Breast’s size changes every month
Hormone levels in the body during menstrual fluctuation ‘ll have an effect on breast size . Of age with isolated stops, such as breast and nipples during pregnancy and Minopoj size is bound to change .

Nipple hair
Well, all women do not have hair on the nipple, nipple hair on women who are anything but obvious. Nipple, pubic hair is like the hair color .

These hairs are not a concern but if one wishes, can relieve the permanent doctor will help him . Yes , the majority of the hair may be a concern . The concerned should consult a doctor .

There may be more than two nipples

Women have also been many times more than two nipples . These nipples can also develop breast tissue . Celebrities like Lily Allen and Mark Vhl berg is said about them were more than two nipples .

Extra milk nipple line passing through several times , starting from armpits thighs reach . In a bizarre incident, a 22 -year extra nipple found on woman ‘s foot .

Not all lumps are cancer


the lump lump in the breast are often terrified women but 80 to 85 percent , according to experts lumps are not cancer .

It does not need to worry . If still in doubt, check with your doctor must get breast cancer .

Smoking has become loose breast

According to researchers from the University of Breast found in smoke due to the dilution of the protein called elastic . This Breasts protein which keeps your correct size . Weight loss , pregnancy and breast changes in hormones are responsible for being loose .

Explains much Breasts
You ‘ll be surprised to know that a woman is pregnant belly before her breast so people tend to give the information .

Breast conceive soft and seem to change in the first quarter . This means that a woman’s body is getting ready for breastfeeding .

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