December 9, 2023

Landmark decision of Supreme Court, transgender has a third gender status now

The Supreme Court on Tuesday made a crucial verdict about transgender or eunuchs that they will be treat as third gender now onwards, saying that they are seen as being socially and economically backward. The Court recognized them as a third gender. The Supreme Court ordered state and central government to provide them all the basic facilities of the citizen such as driving licence; voter id card, passport, ration card etc.

Supreme Court also asked government to bring them into the mainstream of our society and for this to provide them proper education, sound health facilities, and employment also. Union and states government are asked as the court order to run medical facilities and welfare schemes for them. In education also well and good opportunities should be provided. They should be socially accepted in the country everywhere.

The bench of the court also says that they should be treated as the citizen of the country and they will have equal rights as the male and female. The court said that transgender were given respect earlier in the society but now the condition is that they are being harassed and discriminated in our society and the social and the financial condition of them is not at all good now.

India has become the first country in the world to recognize transgender as the third sex gender. Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi, transgender rights activist welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court and said, “The progress of the country is dependent upon human rights of the people and we are very happy with the judgement as the Supreme Court has given us those rights.”

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