June 22, 2024

The Menu of Modi’s Tea Party is getting decided

The swearing-in-ceremony of Narendra Modi is on Monday and is in the limelight because of giving the royal hospitality to the guests. After taking oath, Modi will take tea with his few Indian and Foreign guests. Guests will enjoy sandwiches, dhokla, kabab, paties,Imrati, Kachori, biscuits and wafers in the Royal tea party.

Special Menu for the special guests

It is in air that so many snacks are presented to the special guests in this ceremony at Rashtriya Bhawan. Although there are normal dishes for other guests in which dhokla and sandwiches are the main dishes. Mutton Biryani is also there for few special guests.

Non-Vegetarian Dishes also available

Modi is Pure vegetarian, so there was the planning to keep only vegetarian dishes, but now few non vegetarian dishes are also there, because of the foreign guest who will be non vegetarian.

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