June 21, 2024

Modi gave order to the ministers to submit the income tax report

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is engaged in making the government machines fit and fine has now said the ministers to give their property details. All the Union ministers have to submit the details of their property and liability within two months.

They also give information that they should have no commercial interest with the ministries. The ministers are instructed to finish all the relations with the business management or operational activity, if they have before taking their position or work.

The Union Ministry has released the code of ethics again that was decided. In this, there is instruction to the ministers to keep them away from any business. Prime Minister himself takes care of this code of conduct.

Ministers have been asked to maintain the political impartiality of the top executives. The ministers were told not to give the officers any work that are not according to their obligations and responsibilities.

Although, all ministers have to give the information of all their properties before standing in the elections, but after getting the ministers designation, give the information to the PMO also.

Ministers now must give all the details of their assets details. In this, they will give the information about the total value of shares and debentures, cash and jewelry etc.

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