July 17, 2024

The Parliament will be free from the Criminals till 2015

Narendra Modi in his speech once again raised the case of tainted politicians. He said that the Parliament cannot win the trust of the people until itself get guilt free.

He said, “We all will request the Supreme Court to solve all the cases of the MPs within a year who have the FIR or named in some case.  All things will get clear because of this and the minister who are innocent will remain in the Parliament, whereas those who will found guilt, reach to the jail. “

Modi said that he is sure that every MP will try to get relief from the FIR filed against them. If that happens, then the political party will also think twice before giving the ticket to the tainted person. After doing LokSabha free from the crime, the same will be applied to Rajya Sabha and then locals.

Narendra Modi said that China is becoming old constantly and India young. We are very lucky that we are sitting in the Parliament of the world’s youngest country.

He said all the parties to forget the bitterness of defeat and to work together for the growth of the country.

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