May 14, 2024

Modi’s Parliament Speech Analysis

Lok Sabha elections only just finished and the Government has begun to work. So you can say this period ‘overlapping period’. You can see this in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech.

President’s address to the two houses, in a way reflects the intentions of the new Government. What the government wants to do and in which direction want to go. The address of the President and the speech that the Prime Minister has given on Thursday, one thing is underlying in this that he wants to take the states together. Narendra Modi was also the chief minister of a state and thus he knows the problem of the states. One thing is very clear in his mind that the growth is not possible until they take the states together.

Secondly, have a look on the speeches given by him after 16th May, he regularly  tries to tell that he is not like the image introduced by the opponents.

The biggest charge on him was that he is a divider, he will divide the country, he will break the country. He is giving the answer of these by his proposed policies and programs.

On Thursday, when he spoke of the Muslims, he said that if any part of the society is not developed, then how can the whole society gets healthy.

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