July 7, 2024

Now PNG Pipeline in Varanasi

PM Narendra Modi wants to implement the development plans in Varanasi without wasting any time. He has made plans for the growth of Varanasi city. His main emphasis is to deliver the PNG gas to the houses through the pipeline.

There is also the panning for making the roads more broad, flyovers in the city along with the cleaning of the Ghats and holy river Ganga. The PNG will also be supplied to Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jamsedpur, Bokaro, Howrah and Durgapur.

According to the ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas, Modi has instructed the top management of Gail to prepare the blueprint of a plan to provide the PNG in the Varanasi.

The initial meeting for the hardware needed for laying the pipeline is made. There is also the discussion on the place for the gas supply and the strategy for the distribution of the gas supply in the meeting.

According to the officers, the Gail has already given significantly to lay the pipeline between the Jagdishpur of Uttar Pradesh and Haldia of West Bengal. This project will cost the 7600 Crores.

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