June 19, 2024
Modi Kejriwal Ghat Varanasi
Modi Kejriwal Ghat Varanasi

Varanasi celebrated Holi and Diwali together at the Modi’s oath ceremony

The work that was not completed by our ancestors, we have completed it. We have made the Prime Minister from Banaras. Now it’s the work of Modi’s Government that what  they can do for the progress of the country.

A shopkeeper Ashvani Kumar of Nichibag, said this with pride. He also arranged 42 inch LCD TV in front of his shop to celebrate the joy.

No festival is on Monday, but the day time was like the independence day and the night was like the Diwali in Varanasi. People are glued to the TV and the roads are empty because of the swearing in ceremony of Modi.

Fireworks began on Bansphatak and free tea was also given. BJP workers did dance in Gadauliya and the whole city was decorated like a bride.

People gave sweets to each other and enjoyed the swearing-in-ceremony of Modi. They also have good wishes to Modi.

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