May 14, 2024

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Republican opposition to received a ransom: Barack Obama

U.S. government for not having money, even if the tires are the first Republican President Barack Obama on his health policy do not seem in the mood to compromise. The U.S. government gradually “non-urgent” things have started to clog and actions. Attacking the opposition Republican Party, Obama said, “They are demanding it.” Budget stalemate arose between the government and the opposition of more than seven million federal Karcharion has been sent on leave. That’s why all National Aviation Museum and many other government offices are closed. Obama said on Tuesday while opponents hit ” dislike a party on a section …

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Obama has 17 days to save the U.S. economy

U.S. President Barack Obama in front of bailout budget challenge has come to pass . If the budget is not passed by October 18, the U.S. market and the U.S. economy slowly begins to be disrupted . What will happen to the markets around the world , it can be easily guessed . What’s the matter Because of opposition failed to pass this budget . Objected to Obama Care Republicans objected to the budget plan Obama ‘s ambitious health care . The plan has the most benefit to the elderly . The plan they can follow through the Internet . …

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American Government’s halted business, millions of workers sent on leave

The U.S. government is mired in a severe crisis . President Barack Obama and Republican opposition to agree to get the budget approved by the set deadline of 30 September, 12 am is not secured. Because once again, after 17 years in the U.S. ‘ shutdown ‘ has begun . The federal government’s non-essential operations will be closed . Many government offices , museums and national parks would close and because , over seven lakh government employees have been forced to go on leave without pay . President’s Office, White House budget office 10 minutes before midnight office departments started …

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