June 21, 2024

This way protect your Smartphone from Virus

How get protection from Smartphone Virus/Attack

Computer viruses are so common nowadays, but your mobile can also be affected by the virus and deceives. There is an excessive dependency on Smartphone today, ranging from Internet banking to call, everything does easily on the mobile within a second.

Lifestyle is also too fast and like this that everything should be done quickly and in a perfect way. But do you know your Smartphone may come under the influence of virus and cheat you  and how big this deceive is, it entirely depends only on you.

False information from unknown email or SMS not only mislead you, but this cause a big trouble also.

You can send the false information to others unknowingly. A small mistake may cause a big problem at the most important places like the leak of personal bank account information. And so, it is very important to save your Smartphone from the phone viruses, for this –

1-      Be Alert – Before installing any application on your phone, check that it is of your use or not. Must read application review, only install the application, how much you need. More application will make the phone slow as well as improve the danger.

2-      Avoid Deceptive website/SMS – Your information goes out in a single click, so avoid any deceptive website or SMS.

3-      Lock your phone – Always lock your phone and never share the password with anyone.

4-      Be careful when connects your phone from any computer.

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