December 11, 2023

50,000 Jobs are waiting for you

This fact comes in a report

The e-retails stores like Flipkart, ebay and amazon are expanding its business and because of the expansion of the business, there will be need of 30% more employees in these stores.

And so, 50,000 people will get the job in these E-retail companies in next  years.

The company, Red Stand India (Offer services in Human resource) said in its report that there is a possibility of 20%-30% increment in upcoming years

It is likely to come because of the expansion of the E-retails companies of global level in India and the few new companies.

Another HR form ‘Unison International’ expects that this growth will be approximately 33%. Unison said that with the expansion of E-commerce companies, few traditional retail companies are also taking the business to the online platform. New jobs are also available because of this also.

According to the Jigsaw Academy, 15000-50000 jobs are available only in the data entry field in the E-retail companies.

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