December 6, 2023
Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki

Its good chance to connect with Maruti Suzuki India

Indian car market position is still  not good. This year, car sales graph is going down.

The car companies market to strengthen its hold and expand their networks in urban areas are looking at.

Maruti Suzuki holds your thinking but this is extraordinary. Company to increase its sales, not urban village – the village is moving.

Yes 1 lakh villages by March 2014 the company is all set to increase its Dilrship . Hissadari rural area is 30% of total sales .

Maruti cars will be expensive up to Rs 10,000

Maruti Suzuki million will open it’s dealership in rural areas by March, 2014 and the service center . RC Bhargava , chairman of Maruti Suzuki India said , “We are placing great emphasis on rural areas . Past years in 44,000 villages which was attended by 69,000 November this year and we have crossed 60,000 by March, in 2014 6.51 lakh villages of India’s will be accessible .

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