December 8, 2023

Seven Color flag for wedding by homosexual

capital Taipei on Saturday Thousands of people took the parade and seeking gay marriages legal status. A bill involving same-sex marriage in Taiwan on Friday to review the work began. According to a survey, 53 percent of people are overwhelmingly in favor. However, there are still a family where homosexuality are accepted easily.

The people who took part in the parade of homosexuals dappled effect was wearing. There were some who were wearing the same clothes as nominal. Trends related to sex education in Taiwan is part of the school curriculum and lesbian people from discrimination in employment or other legal provisions are to protect.

New Zealand is the first country in the Asia-Pacific region, which has approved same-sex marriage this year. Now that there has been such demand in Australia and the recognition it has received in some areas. During the swing – sing thousands of people went to the Taipei city government has conveyed to the City Hall.

Karman Eun said  of South Korea in the parade, Korea is much more conservative country. I hope soon to legal gay marriages would be recognized in Taiwan and we also will be able to follow it.

Taiwan is considered one of Asia’s most liberal societies. Nevertheless, the legal recognition of gay marriage has not yet.

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