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सस्ते में यात्रा कराने बाली थाईलैंड की एयरलाइन Noksut घाटे की बजह से बंद

NokScoot Airline

एयरलाइन ने 2014 में अपनी स्थापना के बाद से पूरे साल का लाभ दर्ज नहीं किया है।आंशिक रूप से सिंगापुर एयरलाइंस के स्वामित्व वाली थाईलैंड की कम लागत वाली वाहक Noksut, ने कहा कि उसके निदेशक मंडल ने कंपनी को बंद करने का फैसला किया क्योंकि कोरोनोवायरस महामारी ने इसकी उभरने की संभावनाओं को कम कर दिया। सिंगापुर स्थित Scooter और Noke Airlines plc के बीच एक संयुक्त उद्यम एयरलाइन ने 2014 में अपनी स्थापना के बाद से पूरे साल का लाभ दर्ज नहीं किया है। कंपनी ने एक बयान में कहा, COVID-19 महामारी से उत्पन्न अभूतपूर्व चुनौतियों ने स्थिति …

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Boost up your business during lockdown -Digital wings to your business


Corona virus is a big challenge for all the countries around the world. Its affecting our health as well as economical growth. The GDP is on its lower side and it will take much time to recover. Experts says that it can take two to three years to overcome. When it’s a very difficult time for big business tycoons then what about small business entrepreneurs our shop on the corner.Every big problem has its small solutions. The answer is digital marketing and globalization. Don’t limit your customer to near by road or society.Its the time of globalization. Make a website …

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SBI starts legal proceedings to recover 1,200 crore from Anil Ambani – Press Review


The State Bank of India (SBI) has approached the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to recover more than Rs 1,200 crore from industrialist Anil Ambani. SBI has taken this step under the Personal Guarantee Article of the Insolvency Act. According to the news published in the Indian Express newspaper, Anil Ambani had given a personal guarantee to Reliance Communications and Reliance Infratel for the loan. The tribunal headed by BSV Prakash Kumar has given Ambani a week to submit his reply on Thursday. A spokesperson for Anil Ambani said, “The matter is about the corporate loans given to Reliance Communications …

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Earn $ 12 more happy: Jack Ma

The legend of world e-commerce companies in the company of the people’s Republic of China Alibaba founder Jack Ma says even today that assets of billions of dollars, but then more happy, when their earnings month only $ 12 (750 RS) was only । China’s richest person in New York Stock Exchange by Jack Ma said in an interview in 1988 after graduating in his hometown hangajhu a local work of teaching at the University. Jack in the past year, MA September company IPO was released, making the company a record $ 25 billion were mobilized. Jack Ma says he …

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How to buy Music System or Home Theatre

If you want to buy speakers for your computer system or headphones for your mobile, then definitely you want a nice sound quality in them. It is necessary to understand the terminology of the speakers before buying them. The more the Root Mean Square or RMS is, the better the sound quality is. Hertz (HZ) is also the same type of word. We are able to hear more voices, and it depends on the frequency range of the speaker. The woofer is a part of the speaker and it helps in hearing the low frequency range. So keep all these …

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Rail Fare will Increase at least 15 percent

Railway Budget Session in the next month will increase at least 15 % amount in the rail fare of all the classes. To improve the economic health of railway, after getting the green signal from PMO, this bitter decision has been taken. The budget session will increase from the 7 July. It is estimated that the railway budget has been presented on the 10th July. Railway board has started the preparation related to the budget. The new government wants to develop the infrastructure of the railway. The lack of money is the biggest problem to fulfill this. Railway Minister Mallikarjun …

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Google will remove the private Information on the demand of the users

Search engine Google has started a service in Europe in which the information will not show related to the private life on the Google search and this is given to the demand of the European people. Google gave this service after the important decision of the EU’s highest court this month, in which the people got the ‘right to be forgotten’. The Court of Justice of the European Union on May 13 has ordered to remove the pages from the Google search that is not important. This case was taken by a Spanish citizen in front of the court in which he said that one …

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Air-Asia to start operations from 12th June-Go to Goa from Bengaluru in Rs. 990

AirAsia, which is supposed to be the world’s ‘low fair’ airlines will start operations from 12th June. It’s first flight will from Bengaluru to Goa. Tickets will start from Rs. 990. The booking will start from the Friday evening, 30th May. The CEO of AirAsia India, Mittu Chandilya said in Chennai that the first flight of AirAsia India, A320 will fly from Bengaluru to Goa on the 12th June in the afternoon. Because of this inexpensive service, there is again the expectation of a price war between the airlines. Tony Fernandes, who is the group chief executive of AirAsia gives …

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Smartphones, that have just got a price down

When a new Smartphone launches in an Indian market, then the effect of that phone also shown on the price of the existing Smartphones. Every day, there is the news of some new phone launch. The prices of old phone fall after the launch of new phone. Here the name of some Smartphones is given and the prices of them are reduced by the company itself or E-commerce websites are selling them on low price. Know here the name of the phones whose prices are reduced. Samsung galaxy S5 – The price of this mobile at the time of launch …

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The market has lost edge after a good start

After increasing the buy of the selective shares by the funds and investors, the Indian markets turned sharply in early trading on Wednesday. However, before noon, the market lost the edge in the prior business and doing the flat trade.   Initially, the Sensex index of the Bombay Exchange stock was 91.69 points or after improvement of 0.37 percent, it was at 24,641.20 points. Nifty of national Stock exchange was also at 23.45 points and after the improvement of 0.32 percent it reached at 7,341.45 points. Market Analysts told that the index improved because of the increment in buying of …

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