June 23, 2024
UGC Student
UGC Student

How to crack NET?

What is the NET? ,  NET mean  National Eligibility Tests a  minimum qualification to teach in Higher Education colleges , but is an essential requirement. UGC conducts all India level exam.

Exam conducted twice a year, in June and December. The exam consists of three papers exam pattern . Main in General Paper,  Paper is the first student to be chosen for any discipline but would like first paper of all the candidates . The second and third paper will be the subject of which candidate is the main subject in the subject which you have MA . In the paper Teaching and Research Aptitude , reasoning, based on paragraphs are asked questions and General Knowledge questions . The paper has three objectives . The first paper consists of 60 questions, of which there are 50 , second 50 and the third paper in the paper in question is the 75 . The first and the second paper of the number 100 and number 150 is the third paper . Exam starts from 9:30 in the morning and runs until 4 pm .

What strategy  – not easy to pass the exam in the first try , but if the subjects are selected to be read from the bottom to pass the exam easily .

– Thorough study of the syllabus and Paper One , Two and Three try to understand the paper pattern .

– Focus on Time Management . Papers equal to three times .

– So little time left to focus more on the Revision new topic instead .

– Make notes while reading short . Exams – two days prior to the Revision of these notes is helpful .

– Old Papers to solve more and more . Daily low – at – least two paper around .

– Reasoning with Formyule the questions to be solved in a short time to practice because the paper is quite long .

– The chapters have not read yet , give them a little more time .

– Ten days before the exam first read new topics stop reading and start the Revision of Topics .

– Two days before the exam Riwaij notes to the subject and topic wise .

– Reasoning and Maths Practice Questions Question Papers for much of the last years to solve .

– Focus more on the subject linked to the second and third paper , but the paper also do not take lightly . The first paper would qualify , then the second paper will be Czech .

UGC plan to stop BA, BSc studies, Introducing new courses Bachelor of Vocational Education (BVE)

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