July 17, 2024

Jackpot Film Review

Sunny Leone has released the second film Jackpot . More in terms of exposure Sunny leone has overtaken the previous movie ?

Not necessarily come to see you gamble jackpot . But the film must be strong enough to convince the man that he is unaware of what is going on on the screen . Director Kaizad Gustad has totally failed in this case . First Supr flop film ‘ Boom ‘ is identified by Kaizad ‘s second film . Seems to be moving on the path of the first film .

The film is the story engaging , the director introduced her to him for the way he feels that boring . Some viewers can not tolerate it and give up mid-way running .

It is a village of Goa . A casino  is . A casino boss ( Naseeruddin Shah ) is . The villagers are trying to cheat to get to the boss . Sums … Five million ! Why bosses are after all ? What has he done ? In the village and the old animosity boss ? Etc. Many are questions that have no answers in the story .

No romance found in Jackpot

The hero in this film than this ( Sachin Joshi ) and actress ( Sunny Leoni ) There is no force in Love Story . The director does not know what to tell them this is Love ? Or simply running game . Hero – heroine together with his friends on a field of 250 acres false dream board applicable to show the boss . He just might buy it in a hundred million .

Is taken in by the boss . Then he falls into the trap , the film is shown in a scattered manner . The audience can not enjoy because of the story in her own head use join the ends have to be dispersed .

Nasir actor category are films for the sake of money . This is the film of the same category . He did not participate in the promotion or would like to discuss this in the future . Rsisyon of jute – a dirty hairy get up is overlaid with their heads . While watching the film Sachin Joshi’s future does not look too bright .

The Sunny Leoni fraction in the film did not do anything , which is consistent with their reputation . Damage to carry the film on his Bollywood career . If you ‘re planning to watch the movie to Sunny stay tuned.

Sunny now mourning the fact that ‘Jism 2’ after ‘Ragini MMS-2’ why are not her second film. Well, it is all lost Jackpot. Producer, director, actor. At least the viewer can do it, do not give your hard earned money at the box office.

Sunny Leone’s bold look in her new movie Jackpot’s  trailer


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