June 22, 2024

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Jackpot Film Review

Sunny Leone has released the second film Jackpot . More in terms of exposure Sunny leone has overtaken the previous movie ? Not necessarily come to see you gamble jackpot . But the film must be strong enough to convince the man that he is unaware of what is going on on the screen . Director Kaizad Gustad has totally failed in this case . First Supr flop film ‘ Boom ‘ is identified by Kaizad ‘s second film . Seems to be moving on the path of the first film . The film is the story engaging , the director …

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No problems with Porn star image : Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone Photo Gallery

Before coming to Bollywood Sunny Leoni was a well-known name in U.S. porn films. But now she has started to work in Hindi films, so none of her old image that the problem occurs. In response, Sunny Leone I was never a problem with your image. Extremely comfortable with myself I always am. Guys you are speaking about what he should do. They define the criteria for you, but I do not care what I like and what I do. Them because of their old image more offers are only for certain types of roll? Sunny Leone I am happy …

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Watch first trailer of Dedh Ishquia

Acclaimed film ‘Dedh Ishquia’ its first trailer has been released. This trailer is teaching how to love. ‘Dedh Ishquia movie’  ‘is the sequel  Ishquia movie . Although the film has been a change in casting . Madhuri has replaced Vidya Balan this time. Another new actress Huma Qureshi found a place in the film. Crime in the film, there will be a cocktail of sex and politics. Madhuri  and  Naseeruddin Shah the most part are met. Nasir audience and identity are teaching how to love.

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