July 14, 2024

Facebook and CBSE collaboration for digital training program for teachers and students

Need of digital programmers
In today world students and teachers interface with internet, digital learning is expanding. This digital world is interesting as well as risky. Cyber bullying, fake messages, fraud mails, addiction of online gaming, chatting , online abuse is spreading at a great rate. Hence CBSE launch a free program for the teachers as well as students to educate them .

Phase one – digital safety and well being
Registration start date – 06 July 2020
Last date – 20 July 2020

At the end of the course e certificate will be provided in each phase.
Phase two 30000 users will be trained in phase two.While 10000 users will be trained on phase one.School will nominate the teacher or student to participate . No fee will be taken from teachers or students. This is a remarkable approach from CBSE in collaboration with a Facebook.

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