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Reduction of 25% in syllabus of board classes
Reduction of 25% in syllabus of board classes

Reduction of 25% in syllabus of board classes

CICSE take decision of reduction in syllabus of board classes . Class 10 and class 12.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has reduced syllabus by 25 percent in view of the loss of education due to corona. The reason for reducing syllabus in 2021 session is that the board has stated the number of study hours to be low. He also said that this has been reduced very carefully by talking with the syllabus experts. While decreasing the syllabus, care has also been taken to ensure that the core concepts of any subject are not harmed.

When students read them, they should understand everything. Earlier, HRD ministers have also sought suggestions from students, parents and stake holders about reducing syllabus. But examinations like JEE Main and NEET are based on the syllabus of NCERT, but the syllabus deduction can have a major impact. So it will not be easy to take a decision in this regard NCERT books are very important in most competitive exams. Although the HRD Minister has not yet given any decision in this regard, but he has indicated that syllabus can be cut by up to 30 percent.

It is expected that in some time the condition of CBSE board syllabus will also be cleared

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