March 5, 2024
No Weight loss ,are you still struggling?
No Weight loss ,are you still struggling?

No Weight loss ,are you still struggling?

Our body is our biggest asset in this world. No matter how rich or poor you are. If we don’t care about it then even lots of money can’t save us.
Many of us face weight imbalance problems. It can be overweight or underweight. India is on fifth position with 9.8 million obese men and on third position with 20 million obese women’s. In America over 70 million of adults are overweight. Whereas in the world almost 30% of the world population is overweight. Almost 2.8 million people died due to obesity.
Obesity is a complex disease which can lead to many diseases like heart problems, blood pressure ,diabetes, joint pain, arthritis, sleeping disorder and many more.
Now we can imagine how serious this problem is.Are we part of this problem?
Sometimes the solutions to big problems are very small. For this big problem of obesity solutions are very small.Here we discuss them.
➢ Eat fibrous food more in quantity because a healthy gut is very important for a healthy body.
➢ Oats are very nutritious try to include them in diet you will not feel hungry very often after eating oats.
➢ Don’t eat fried food after 6PM.
➢ Drink plenty of water in a day.
➢ Include some exercise , yoga in your daily fixed schedule.
➢ Use stairs in place of lift.
➢ Don’t eat food in front of television or on bed.
➢ Don’t use large utensils such as large bowl to serve food to yourself.
➢ Avoid junk food or minimize them.
➢ Don’t eat food that has trans fat .
➢ Never eat anything in between the meals.
➢ Fix the time of eating.
➢ Make your exercise routine interesting with some music.
➢ Monitor your weight on regular intervals.
➢ Check BMI (body mass index) of yourself.
These are some small changes in lifestyle by which large goals can be achieved. Try them and stick to them for some time then you will start to begin the changes in you. Stay fit stay healthy.

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