May 16, 2024
Top celebrity
Top celebrity

Top celebrity with highest number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, twitter accounts.

Social media is the most popular trend in this century. A normal people spend 2 to 3 hours daily on these social media platforms. Instagram has 500 million active user every day . Facebook has 2.6 billion active user each day while twitter has 1.5 million active user daily. We can easily understand the attraction of people for social media platforms.
Who are the top most followed personalities on these platforms, let’s find out.

Top 5 Facebook personalities

1- Narendra Modi 44.4 million followers
2- Priyanka chopra 40.05 million followers
3- Virat kohli 37.1 million followers
4- Salman khan 37 million
5- Deepika padukone 34 million followers

Top 5 Instagram personalities
1- Priyanka chopra 53.3 million
2- Virat Kohli 50.2
3- Deepika padukone 48.5 million followers
4- Aliab Bhatt 48 million followers
5- Shradha kapoor 46.1million followers

Top 5 twitter
1- Narendra Modi 56.2million followers
2- Amitabh Bachan 41.74 million followers
3- Salman khan 40.25 million followers
4- ShAhrukh khan 40.1 million followers
5- Akshay kumar35.68 million followers

When a large quantity spends their precious time on these social media platforms . Marketing companies take benefit of it . They use these mediums for advertising their products. It’s time and money savvy technique. Marketing on social media creates branding, trust, loyalty, and bonding with customers.

Social media has become an addiction in all countries. According to a survey 210 million people suffer from social media addiction. Excessive use of social media can lead to mental health and physical health of users. Unhappiness, unsatisfaction , sleeping disorder, depression can be seen.
Behavioural disorder is most common symptoms including real world in person communication.

Phishing attacks, malware software,scam, hacking are some other problems faced by users. Social media networks are like an illusion ,take your step towards it but with complete care.  

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