July 14, 2024
clinical trial
clinical trial

What is clinical trial, how long it takes?

Clinical trials are the trials of medicines in proper medical supervision. When there is a need for new medicines or improvement in existing Medicine is required, clinical trials are conducted.

Clinical or human trials are conducted in four phases. Following are the specifications of all phases in clinical trials.

• Phase one is about the first time trial on human beings.
• Phase two is about to find the quantity of dose for effective treatment. It also emphasizes minimization of side effects of new drugs.
• Phase three is conducted to confirm the results received from phase one and two. It includes 300 to 3000 people. The usual time duration is 1 to 3 years.long term effects of drugs are studied in this phase.
• Phase four is the last phase in clinical trials where thousands of participants take part in it. It can last for years. Long term effects , benefits of drugs are examined in this phase.

The participants who take part in clinical trials give their consent to terms and conditions . The privacy is also maintained .In India drug controller general of India supervise all clinical trials. He is the head of the central drug standard control organization. Clinical trials can be insured by insurance companies. In India Raheja QBE, SBI general , ICICI Lombard .
After the completion of clinical trials all the findings are evaluated for the future of drug

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