June 21, 2024
YONO and YONO lite app
YONO and YONO lite app

Difference between YONO and YONO lite app

YONO SBI and YONO Light are both versatile banking applications from State Bank of India (SBI). Nonetheless, there are a few vital contrasts between the two applications. YONO SBI is an extensive portable banking application that offers many highlights, including: Account the board: View account adjusts, exchange history, and articulations.

Reserve moves: Move cash between SBI accounts and to different banks. Bill installments: Cover service bills, portable bills, and Visa bills. Shopping: Shop online at select vendors utilizing your SBI account. Speculations: Put resources into shared reserves, protection items, and other monetary instruments. Credits: Apply for advances and track your credit status. YONO Light is a lightweight versatile banking application that is intended for fundamental financial necessities. It offers the accompanying highlights: Account the executives:

View account adjusts and exchange history. Reserve moves: Move cash between SBI accounts. Bill installments: Cover service bills and portable bills. Here is a table that sums up the critical contrasts between YONO SBI and YONO Light:

Feature YONO SBI YONO Light Account management Yes Yes Store transfers Yes Yes Charge payments Yes Yes Shopping Yes No Investments Yes No Loans Yes No Other features Yes (e.g., protection, Visas, travel, etc.) No Which application would it be a good idea for you to utilize? In the event that you really want an exhaustive portable banking application with every one of the highlights,

YONO SBI is the better decision. In any case, on the off chance that you just need fundamental financial elements and need a lightweight application, YONO Light is a decent choice.

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