First Use Helmet, then only you get petrol

After the death of Gopinath Munde in car crash, the Government is taking the actions for the road safety. The union health minister has solicited support from the petrol pump dealers to make the security arrangements perfect.

To reduce the road accidents, Petrol pump dealers are instructed that they will  not provide petrol and diesel to the people who is without the helmet and without the seat belt. He said that it is mandatory.

He said that there is a penalty provision for the people who is without the helmet or seat belt. At the same time, the road and transport ministry are also trying to improve the road safety from their side.

Dr. Harshwardhan said that people must be aware of the safety measures. Most of the people treat safety belt as the thing of decoration only.

But the back seat belt is as important as the seatbelt of the front seat. The health minister said that the overlooking of the seat belt reached at the alarm level.

Most of the car owners make covering on the back seat and do not use back  seat belt. He said that the Ministry will start a campaign to avoid the road accidents.

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