April 10, 2024

Akhilesh Government credibility down once again

Akhilesh Government troubles growing day by day. last days High Court out of Government by illegal contracting setback tern promotions.

Now up to contempt notice to Principal Secretary is shipped on the credibility of the Government discount.

Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court in a contempt petition in Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Javed Usmani and Principal Secretary social welfare has issued contempt notices against Sunil Kumar.

Justice Dr. Satish Chandra’s Bench made up SC ST in and fill in the spaces of two month high court order due to violation of this notice.

Before justice Devi Prasad Singh and justice Ashok Pal Singh had ordered that the petition on the bench of the SC of the Commission, to protect the interests of particular people St.

By filling all vacancies in two months, Government Chief Secretary send akhya compliance through court.

The Government has put no care that Court contempt notice.

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