IBM’s third-quarter profit rose 6 percent

IBM said its third-quarter net profit rose 6 percent, but it could not land turnover Wall Street’s expectations. The company’s shares fell businesses grew.

The company posted a profit of $ 4.04 billion in the same period in the previous year, he had a net profit of $ 3.82 billion . Per share increased from $ 3.33 to $ 3.68 per share was received . One-off charges be dropped if the company’s earnings per share were $ 3.99 per share to $ 3.96 per share that Wall Street ‘s estimates above .

However, the company’s revenue fell 4 percent to $ 23.7 billion, which was lower than the previous 24.7 billion dollar business . Estimated turnover of $ 24.8 billion less than the figure left . IBM’s market share in the business, or 6 per cent to $ 11.23 to $ 175.50 left .

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