April 13, 2024

U.S. ship’s 35 crew members arrested

U.S. ship ‘MV Ohio Guard Seaman ‘Indian Coast Guard forces Tuticorin port in Tamil Nadu was held on October 12.

Citizens of many countries

Ships in 35 members were arrested by Indian , British , Ukrainian and Estonians are citizens .

U.S. officials said the ship is registered in a private firm and Sierra Leone .

In this case , the BBC contacted the U.S. embassy in the capital, he refused to comment on it .

A police official said at Tuticorin Motipurm crew members were taken to the police station and questioned him being there .


The charge of illegally carrying arms and ammunition FIR against the ship’s crew members have already been recorded .

In another case, a local shipping agent in charge of illegally purchasing 1,500 liters of diesel under the Essential Commodities Act has been filed against the crew members .

In February last year by the Navy in Italy since the alleged murder of two Indian fishermen bitter diplomatic row between India and Italy had stood .

These sailors are being sued in India . On the coast of Kerala is accused of firing on fishermen .

The risk of robbers

Italy was the naval guard and an oil carrier ship fishermen mistakenly said that he had taken the rover .

In recent years, the threat of pirates in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea has increased .

Ships by Somali pirates kidnap have increased the incidence of ransom demand the return of their crew members

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