December 9, 2023
meera chopra
meera chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s new sister Meera Chopra coming in bollywood

Film Gang of Ghosts’  Meera Chopra another sister of Priyanka Chopra is first movie in bollywood.

The sisters of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra too is touched . Only then one PC cousin sisters are moving to Bollywood .

Bollywood Priyanka Chopra ‘s cousin, thereby strongly in the first entry , while Mira , another cousin are also being launched . The Meera Vikram Bhatt has signed her for his next film . Prachi Desai took the name of the movie was going for , but does not match the dates of the ancient Vikram turned down the offer .

Cool and hot actress is expecting her two sisters as Mira will also create space for something .

Now , that’s just the way it looks in the coming days, will rule Bollywood Chopra only sisters .

Despite the friendship between sister as there is no relationship . Meera Chopra himself acknowledged the fact that we have not . Merry starts flowing in the relationship even though they are both close to each other but not both . However, in amongst the families are connected .

The Mira is going to try his luck in Bollywood soon . Merry Gang Gosts soon Satish Kaushik’s film will be seen in the lead role . Mira has made a mark in Tamil films . Mira is one of many films in South India . Meera has great hopes on his Hindi film .

The Bengali film is a remake of the film . Merry are the expectations from the film . He said he wants to do films with big banners

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