June 18, 2024

Spurious liquor kills 21 in Azamgarh

Adampur Mubarakpur area of Azamgarh district in Uttar Pradesh, police drinking spurious liquor in the village who died in the incident is taking the series seems to end . So far, 21 people have been killed in the incident , although authorities have confirmed the death of eight . Five sick people are being treated at the district hospital right now . In this case, Mubarakpur police Thanadhyksh Vishwanath, Mubarakpur and light charge station has suspended two soldiers .
Raw alcohol illegally created Adampur Adampur village , Atrdiha , Amilo , Kaudia , Dihwa the village of about two dozen more people drank . Thursday evening was suddenly sick of all the above . Mubarakpur primary health center where they were taken 65 years to dump Bhulln Chauhan alias declared dead by doctors . Another view of the critical situation referred to the district hospital .
District hospital and 35 -year-old Gopal Jaiswal Ramjnm 50 years , 35 years Rampyare , cumin ( 50 ) , Manoj ( 45 ), Sanjay ( 32 ) Tue ( 60 ) , including 14 people were killed . 6 dead bodies were brought for autopsy , while many people fear the police cremated the dead . People say that all the scrap heap Chauhan had a shop to buy alcohol . Sanjay Chauhan and his son looked at wine seller in the event of death .
Azamgarh SP Arvind Sen said that so far eight people have been reported killed . He Mubarakpur Thanadhyksh Vishwanath, Mubarakpur charge checkpoint is suspended and two soldiers . In this case, the Excise Department has been silent . The police say that even those who are involved in the wine business , the police is trying to arrest .
The Chief Medical Officer Dr VB Singh says that sick after drinking alcohol was brought to the district hospital , two of which over 13 people were killed . Three died on the way to Varanasi , while the rest were killed in the village . The autopsy report will be known only after the exact cause of death .

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