December 8, 2023

Digi Locker

Why live in the stone age , go digital with Digi locker.
In this modern world we have lots of docents received in our lifetime In student years certificates and mark sheets. Along with them different kinds of identity proof and address proof. We use these documents in application of different jobs and facilities. For the purpose of commuting by train ,airplane etc we need them. For verification purposes and several other works.

We can’t carry these important papers along with us always in physical format. To solve this problem Government of India launched a Digi wallet under the Ministry of electronics and IT. Our prime minister Sh. Narendra Modi launched it in 2015.

This technology is based on cloud computing. 1gb of memory is provided to each user. Each file size should not exceed 10mb. Validity of documents is under Indian IT act 2000.

Digital locker is a very secure application. Login needed is id. and password . OTP is generated at the time of login. There is no chance to hack these accounts. The official. Site of Digi locker is In this site there are so many faq ( frequently asked questions).

These questions are related to sign up , UID ,cbse,transportation,login and many more.
Hurry up sign in this application and live a life hassle free and tension free.

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