July 15, 2024
Eat to live or Live to eat

Eat to live or Live to eat

Do we eat to live or we live to eat. The answer can make you sad. As every thing has its own pros and cons. Covid-19 also makes many people quarantine chefs. Those who have never tried cooking before become culinary experts.

The mega store shelves become empty. Maida ,semolina become extinct. In India we made cake , cookies ,ice cream , Jalebi , samosa and many more countless dishes. Many of us gain weight.
An average human being on an average should consume 2000 calorie to 3000 calorie. Fruits , fibrous food, milk, egg, green vegetables should be a part of our daily diet. Beside all these nuts should also be included in our diet.
Obesity is a condition when our body has more fat than required.
Body mass index should not be more than 30 percent. India is in top five obese country with 9.8 million obese 3.7% of total obese population of world.
Obesity not only affects our outer appearance but also our internal body. It can give rise to many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, fatty liver , kidney problem, osteoarthritis and many more. It can also affect the mental health of our body, a person can feel low confidence, low self esteem.
A person can feel isolated and can even go to the depression stage.
It’s not that dealing with obesity is impossible. With the help of balanced food and proper workout it can be managed in a few days to a year. The role of will power plays a very strong role in this task. Self control will help in achieving the target in the proper manner and proper time. Divide big tasks into small tasks and make a deadline for yourself. Try to maintain a record for yourself so that you can access your progress so that you can amend it according to the need.

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