May 19, 2024
Fastest century ODI
Fastest century ODI

Fastest century ODI

The quickest century in ODI cricket was scored by Stomach muscle de Villiers of South Africa against the West Indies on January 18, 2015, in Johannesburg. He arrived at the achievement in only 31 balls, outperforming the past record of 36 balls set by Corey Anderson of New Zealand in a similar match.
Stomach muscle de Villiers quickest century

De Villiers’ innings was a flat out masterclass in batting, as he crushed 16 sixes and 9 fours en route to 149 runs. His century was additionally the quickest in any type of worldwide cricket at that point.

Here is a rundown of the best 5 quickest hundreds of years in ODI cricket:

Player Balls Opponent Date
Stomach muscle de Villiers (South Africa) 31 West Indies January 18, 2015
Corey Anderson (New Zealand) 36 West Indies January 18, 2015
Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) 37 Sri Lanka October 4, 2014
Asif Khan (Pakistan) 41 Sri Lanka May 13, 2011
MV Boucher (South Africa) 44 West Indies January 12, 2005
De Villiers’ record is as yet flawless right up ’til now, and it is probably not going to be broken at any point in the near future. His innings was a really noteworthy accomplishment, and one will be associated with numerous years to come.

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