July 16, 2024

FIFA – World Cup News

Three matches were played in the Brazil in the world cup football on Sunday. But the football lovers were eagerly waiting for the match of the Star Player Messi’s team, i.e. Argentina with the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Argentina won this match by 2-1

The football lovers saw the magic of Messi but they have to wait for 65 minutes for this. Messi has made the goal in the World cup after 8 years. Before this, he made the goal in 2006.

In addition, Messi also made some fantastic move for the Argentina. The first goal came to Argentina when Kolasinac has made the goal for the side of Argentina in place of his side when attempt to clear the ball.

Although, Ibisevic of Bosnia made the goal in the 84th minute and a bit dim the win of Argentina.

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