May 19, 2024


Political news

Delhi University recruiting 665 teachers, Apply on website

The teachers of Delhi University colleges or departments to get the longer term will not have to chase . DU teachers have made the recruitment process easier . The Administration has launched job portal for DU . Through it, teachers can apply from anywhere at your convenience . Such a system is not yet in any university . Through job portal DU 360 posts of assistant professors , 206 associate professors and 99 professors are invited to apply online . Teachers can apply by December 06, 2013 . According to DU registrar Alka Sharma , assistant professors through the …

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Micromax Canvas Turbo A-250 launched in India

Micromax its most powerful smartphone yet “Turbo Canvas” has launched. Its price is Rs 19,990. This Saturday October 26 will begin fetching the phone. Blue and White in Colour get it. Micromax Canvas A-250 Turbo 1920×1080 pixels resolution with a 5-inch Full – HD IPS display. It Gigahrtj 1.5 quad – core processor and 2 GB RAM Meediatek. It runs on android 4.2.1. The auto focus rear cam 13 Megapixels. 5 Megapixels front camera. Panorama camera, Cinema graph and object features such as Eraser. It has 16 GB inbuilt Storage. The company has a micro – SD card is not accessible …

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My heartbeat is racing and I am nervous: Sheila Dikshit

Delhi Sheila Dikshit ruling by beating three consecutive elections this time is increased. Arvind kejriwal party of the common man are not taking lightly. Sheila says Kejriwal in Delhi elections can not rule completely. He said that the public are not in a position to say something about the mood. She first spoke to the media about Kejriwal. Earlier, speaking at the Kejriwal have been avoided. She kejriwal two steps forward and take a step back. Vision does not have any work for them. Dikshit was made to the common man party is attracting people’s attention. Arvind kejriwal when asked about the party …

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High voltage drama in the BJP headquarters for Delhi CM candidate

BJP Delhi CM candidate haunted by the issue of the day ‘s high voltage drama . BJP headquarters of the Central Election Committee meeting was about the state of the tickets , but there was the discussion about Delhi CM candidate . It is not limited to discussions , but the supporters of BJP leader Dr Harsha 10-15 minutes slogans in his support . Goyal denied this discussion . He said , ” I am not a member of the committee , the meeting was how to be . ” According to sources , Goyal met Modi went there and …

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Telangana protest: hospitals, airport blackout

Due to protests over Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh Simandhr six districts have been completely stalled power supply. Many district hospitals and power Visakhapatnam airport is very bad. Private hospitals in these districts have no power, they are the power supply through generators. According to Dhananjay’s senior correspondent in Hyderabad ETV,” King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam is completely black out, in addition to the hospital nearest three districts of Orissa are patient.” Seven districts including Hyderabad are partially affected by power cuts. Andhra from a week off since the loss of millions has started. The state government has called for …

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What the Future Ordinance?

Ordinance concerning the Criminal background leaders   Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s statement after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, reacting to the heat and dust uproar made it clear that the issue would not arise a question of giving resignation.  He has said that he will communicate with Rahul Gandhi and Cabinet, the core group will have second thoughts and actions whatever objections. Manmohan Singh also said that democracy is the right to object after the decision . I think it is clear that the ordinance will be withdrawn . We should not forget that the Congress, BJP vice-president Rahul Gandhi while the ordinance …

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Deal with shared ferocity strictly, PM says states

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday requested parties to renounce from taking benefit out of shared conflict and said states should restriction on components blowing such forcefulness regardless of their governmental associations or effect. Emphasizing that the onus for preventing communal violence lies with the states, he said effective steps should be taken by the administration to ensure that small issues don’t snowball into a big controversy. “The state government should lose no time to control communal violence sternly. The local administration should prevent a small issue from snowballing into a huge controversy and arrest those responsible for spreading it,” …

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Manmohan beleaguered in countravercy before U.S. trip

Before the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stood up in the country ‘s major political controversy . Has caused controversy in the field of nuclear energy, Nuclear Power Corporation of India ( NPCIL ) and the American company Westinghouse potential agreement between cores . The report reveals the effect of the Opposition moved up Tyorian . The opposition made ​​it clear that if there is no such agreement , it shall be deemed unlawful act of government . However , the government explain the growing controversy that has not yet finalized the deal . Nuclear disaster compensation -related provisions …

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The problem is not in the army, it’s in Central Government: MODI

Narendra Modi

Crowned for the first time after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Haryana are Revadi. 2 days ago on behalf of PM candidate MODI declared BJP gaya was supposed to be extremely important to rally its maddenjar. it has been the introduction of the rally the troops before MODI naman and hats off to them for their bravery. Narendra Modi asked a direct attack on the Government speaking upâ Delhi Government soldiers Is completely insensitive to the problems he said came on the day of the military’s problems cause weakness is perpetuated from Delhi and Delhi Government solution would …

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