March 4, 2024

Indian Student will get relaxation UK Immigration norms,

The British had tightened the immigration norms . Students who wish to read the plight of the Indians were gone . However , last week, the British government has given some of them .

Indian students for higher education among the UK’s image might be good . Now , after graduating corporate internship , students will be permitted . They will also have the skilled jobs . Graduate students who are on Antrpranr Visa , Skilled Worker visa now even easier to find them .

Cambridge University Vice – Chancellor said that the new declaration L Borisivij Talented Education students in the UK will help . He said , ” after graduating latest move to allow corporate internship with the Academic World ‘s Business Leaders also welcomed . ” About 300 Indian students currently studying in Cambridge .
Navneet Dholakia , deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords said , ” Some of these exemptions have been too late . Students in other European countries are set to go . Students in British immigration policy will take time to restore confidence again . ”

Immigration UK Immigration Law Firm Director Navinder Pal Singh Kalsi AD Themis & Co, said: ” Despite these measures, the UK education for graduates will no longer Atraktiv country . In the Tier 4 Migrant degrees as those associated with the corporate internship allowed. Graduates will not be eligible for Tier 2 General category visa . ”

Business visitors are also changing . They Anployij companies in the UK to be provided by an external company for corporate training or short courses will be able to study . Intra Company Transfer ( ICT ) route without modifying the language test Anployij already living on visa duration will be extended . UK visa send Anployij on ICT for Indian companies exempted from the English test is a big relief .

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