March 5, 2024
ileana hot
ileana hot

Ileana will leave here without a Godfather

Is now the real test . Indeed, any realistic assessment of the artist’s talent is the second film from the first movie . Ileana ‘s career came second in South Bollywood Hindi film posters torn out hero is going to be released this Friday .

His second film after sweet that could make them recognize how it might be decided on Friday . Ileana in long conversations with reporters  speaking openly about his career on several issues .

Ileana has fifteen films in Telugu and Tamil languages ​​Dikruj name shining in Bollywood . Anurag Basu directed Barfee distinct impression he had made her acting .

Priyanka Chopra notwithstanding his performance was adequate focus on the people . The times, they are a solo heroine . Rajkumar Santoshi’s film posters torn out hero as they are opposite Shahid Kapoor .

Kohl ‘s maiden name in the film is played . In her role , she says, ” I am a social worker . Whenever something goes wrong , oppose it .

Go to the police station and write a report like I understand my religion . Police believe the fake cop in this affair, ie Rao Shahid Kapoor is met . Needless to say that the meeting soon turns into love .

Dancing and singing every chance

Ileana to act with Shahid Kapoor was not a problem either , but they are definitely in trouble came to dance . The four inch heel Sandal Sasha dressed as dancers intermingle with the step was definitely not easy .

But Ileana is happy that ‘ sweet ‘ best chance of the film turned out to be torn poster hero ‘ is taken to . ‘ Sweet ‘ dance in them – were kept away from the songs , but chances are met in the film all the fun . He also took full advantage of the opportunity .

Yun Ileana says that they are very different from the role of mascara . Mascara is fiery , but they are not. They are quite introverted and shy in private life .

But the biggest challenge for the artist is very different from that seen on the screen . He will wield such a trick , which could not be expected from him . Ileana has no godfather in Bollywood .

I can also freeze without Godfather

They had South foothold in the industry , yet he wanted to work in Hindi films and came to Mumbai . So far , he took a big risk ? Ileana says with confidence that the times have changed now . Can be performed without a godfather . Ileana says , he contented after seeing the sweet role of law mascara .

The talent of the artist ‘s work in her previous film, based on the new movie will get easier . But the South and in Bollywood is a substantial difference ? There are two quite different ways of working in the industry . How is the mood of Bollywood ? Ileana says, ” no two opinions on this matter than the South Colorful Bollywood movies happen.

Hindi films fit

Most films are played Larger than Life . But Bollywood is much more accessible . Also in Mumbai are becoming a realistic films , which are larger experiment . Bollywood is the biggest reason for me to be attracted .

Ileana the fourth Khan Saif Ali Khan has had the opportunity to work with . Happy ending to his heroine in the film . With Hero Varun Dhawan her age working in the film as I have been thy hero . About his acting pattern , she says, ” I am Spontiniys artist . I do not roll any preparation . Director gives the orders , do the following .

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