March 1, 2024

Movie Review Grand Masti

Grand Masti producer – director sent the film to the censor board when they asked for an A certificate for the film . The censors did their thing , but glut Very bold double meaning dialogues in the film too risky and A by deleting the sound of the dialog . Alas , sensor boards and posters of the film production company – but half Pornogrfik comedy spoof comedy spoof promo film in bold gather the courage to write . After nearly nine years ago, I can not put you in the category of Grand fun . The last film was the presence of Ajay Devgan ‘s forte, comedy spoof funny . Both are missing from the film .

Story : The story of three friends . In the current language , these three married friends Amar ( Ritesh Deshmukh ) , Meet ( Vivek Oberoi ) and Prem ( Aftab Shivdasani ) you can put in the category of colorful patterns friends . Indeed , these three beautiful wives love ( Sonali Kulkarni ) , basil ( Manjari Phadnis ) and growth ( Karishma Tanna ) is embroiled in family responsibilities that they have something like this in the respective Hazhbnd to please even the slightest moment does not .

The three friends left the college has more than six years , but now these three fun-filled days spent in college remember . Beautiful college girls and sheer color still have not forgotten it . Its first three – to want to move with their wives , but somehow none of the wife is not willing to go with them . The three leave their wives arrive in college .

Sweet dreams shattered when he appeared to them to be here when the principal disciplined Robert Pdera ( Pradeep Rawat) is to tackle these . Curiously , charged Pdera handled the same day on which the three men said goodbye to college . Incidentally , in connection with an emergency same day Pdera out of college , the college three days to come. It Pdera met his wife ‘s sisters and Rose , Mary , is from Marlowe . Now all three of Robert undetected Pdera Grand fun with Family of three Hsinaon takes planning .

Acting: Film ‘s half -dozen Hsinaan . Than acting more and more in all its beauty on camera , was competing to serve and double meaning dialogues , the director had a direct benefit . Aftab , a bit of discretion and Ritesh – Ritesh much influence. Pradeep has gathered accolades from his powerful acting in Ghazni Robert Rout mired in roll clown .

Director : The bold benefiting from double meaning dialogues can not believe you never see the film the heart of the film’s director , son and made ​​great movies like Ishq . Except in bikini sitting on the chair director Indra Kumar obscenities or very hot double meaning jokes in the story in any way other than adding something did not work .

are .

See why: If you are fond of listening to the bold , double meaning jokes bold half -dozen bikini-clad Hsinaon will not be upset with the bold and fun . Class and clean family movie lovers would be better to stay away from such bold fun .

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