June 22, 2024



We often consider our child a very innocent one.We always guide him to do thing.But when they grow only a bit they start refusing .For eating food ,having milk,taking care of toys ,doing homework and lots more.we become tensed but all in vain.They start shouting on us even thought we are much older than them.

Child knows our what ,when and how we will react to their actions.They already knows it.

They know when to do buttering ,when to yell ,when to speak nothing.When we think we are controlling ,they were controlling us.They are far more intelligent than we think.

We are not rivals to them we should mold their personality in such a way that they become a good person in future.Full of confident and energy.

There are so many activities for the brain .To tackle the energy level of a child.

Physical and mental exercise both are essential for body development.We often neglect mental exercise.

Puzzles, reasoning questions,brain game ,memory game and many more.

Our brain is much more powerful than a computer.We are not able to use completely.An average human being can remember

2.5 million gigabyte of memory space.its mean our brain is much powerful than why can’t we utilize it fully.

EQ is equally important like IQ.Being emotionaly intelligent is some times more important than high IQ.Low EQ can hinder the high IQ.We don’t know how to tackle our emotions such as anger ,sorrow,happiness etc.

There are five areas in which we should pay attention for our child complete development.

>> Cognitive development

>> Motor skill development

>> Social and emotional development

>> Gross motor skill

>> Speech and language development

These terms may seems non practical but don’t be afraid of them .All these are explained here in a very simple language.

Cognitive development means problem solving ,memorising,decesion making abilities.These can be achieved in many ways such as give your child a maize puzzle to find way.

Motor skill development is about the use of body muscles in such as writing drawing ,playing with blocks and many more.Encourage your child to make blocks structure,trace fine lines, make small sketch .

Social and emotional development plays a very important role in our life.It teach us how to act in a group or team.Our classmates ,friends,elders

Gross motor skill includes standing ,walking,running etc

Speech and language development is also a important aspect of our life.In initial years of child he can easily grasp the new words ,new languages.Their mind can automatically grasp the new information. Don”t let waste these crucial years of language development.If we teach few words every day then very soon they will have a good vocabulary.

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