March 1, 2024

Riot was orchestrated for political gain by akhilesh yadav

The largest forum of Muslim organizations, the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushavrt ( Aaimmm ) has demanded a high level inquiry is Muzaffarnagar communal riots .

Resolution passed at a meeting of the Central Working Committee of the forum said that the ban on the guilty parties and leaders guilty elections must be stopped .

Permanent police security measures to be in the minority areas and has sought to punish the guilty .

Such family will not go to the old places , demand for them has been relocated to managing rehabilitation .

Aaimmm Chairperson of the Central Working Committee Jfrul Islam reported that the second meeting of the year was discussed at Muzaffarnagar riots .

He said that after the riots now preparing documents for relief and rehabilitation needs . There are many families with relatives who have gone instead to relief camps .

Organizing riots in the proposal stating that it was to gain electoral advantage . Central Committee meeting also discussed Syria and punishment of war criminals in Bangladesh .

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