March 5, 2024

Now Modi talks to the people of India in this way

After taking over the reins of power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not forgotten the way of using the latest technology to communicate with the people. Though he has a very busy schedule, he is still using all these technologies fiercely.

He is paying special attention and try to connect with the youths by using the latest technology. After using the Facebook and Twitter, his personal page will also make a way to contact with the people.

People will directly contact to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with this website. People will ask questions to him, also express their views in front of him. The important thing is that Narendra Modi will give response of one of the selected message himself.

The public will convey the messages, their problems and their ideas through this medium. This page is specially made for the youths.

It says that India has given us a lot and now it’s time to make contributions to the growth of the country. There are so many talents in the country through which country can reach on top. For this, people can fill a form on this social media to connect to Narendra Modi. There are the fields like name, Address, Age, Qualification and Interest in the form.

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