March 5, 2024

5 Teams in the FIFA World Cup to watch

Only two days left in the starting of the FIFA World Cup. At this time, eyes will be on some teams that would be a champion. 5 out of 32 teams can be the champion of the FIFA World Cup. These teams are –

The England Team is adorned with the stars

England, where footballers of the world are collected to play English Premier league. There are stars like Rooney, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerard, who has the capacity to make the team champion.

Messi’s Team is also a good team

Argentina, that is already two time winner team can win the world cup. The superstar, Messi is in the team along with the players Egviro and Hujain.

European Team is also in good form

Belgium, European team had never won the cup. But could perform better in this world cup.

Spain can again win the cup

Spain is on the top in the world ranking. But the history says that no team has won the world cup continuously after 1962.

The host team can win the cup sixth time

The Brazil is the host team in this FIFA world cup and has the ability to win the cup sixth time. Brazil team is too strong.

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