April 14, 2024

Rafael Nadal won French Open

World number one Rafael Nadal of Spain defeated the Novak Djokavic and win the French open tennis tournament continuously fifth time and record ninth time. Nadal is only one player in the world who won this tournament continuously five times.

After losing the first set in final by 3-6, Nadal tremendously came back and win the match by 7-5, 6-2, 6-4. If leaving the first set, Nadal won the remaining sets easily.

Djokavic once again missed the completion of Career Grand Slam. He reached second time in the final, but again missed this opportunity.

Hseigh and Peng win the Women’s Double Title

Hseigh of Taiwan and Peng of China defeated Sara Irani of Italy and Robert Vinci by 6-4 and 6-1. This is the second win of this pair. Last year, this pair also won Wimbledon.

Maurismo will be the new coach of Murray

Andy Murray, who is the winner of gold medal in 2012 London Olympics and Wimbledon winner has selected Amelia Maurismo as her new coach. Maurismo is the captain of the Fed cup of France at this time.