April 7, 2024

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Smartphone emphasizes on cameras from a long time . Nokia has had 808 preview launch in 2012, which camera performance and megapixels count was unmatched in terms of (40 megapixels), though it could not stop the falling market share Nokia. Nokia does not meet good response despite 808 preview company has once again presented with the superior camera teknalji lumiya 1020. Windows phone operating system running on lumiya 1020 Preview of megapixels camera and Nokia teknalji in 41.

However, in the case of the best smartphone lumia 1020 megapixels camera is, but on the other smartphone companies retreat. Samsung galaxy S4 zoom and Sony sony xperia Z1  are camera  based smartphone . so the big question is whether the Smartphone ahead of the rest in than lumia 1020 pauses or not … This will try to find out in this review:

Camera performance

Nokia lumia 1020 camera certainly is going to appease the photographers Smartphone’s 41 megapixels cam works with oversampling technology. this phone takes pictures, but actually 41MP 34MP (16: 9 aspect rsv) or 38MP (4: 1 rsv) takes pictures of resolution . resolution default imege 5MP phone. noice brand Nokia’s image processing minimizes Even in very clear pictures, indoor.

Lumia 1020 Lughles zoom in the camera , giving you high – No part of resolution photos can crop without losing clarity . Nokia’s 5MP 5MP cameras, the image quality is better than all the rest , in many cases better than 8MP .

Automatic mode or manual mode the camera of the phone (Pro Camera app ) can run on . The 3X ( louse less ) digital zoom , ISO settings from 100-4000 , the shutter speed and optical image stabilization  is 1-16000 . Lumia Panorama in 1020 , cinema graph , such as camera 360 and Smart Cam ‘ Lensejh ‘ , the ones we have seen in Nokia ‘s smartphones

Standard camera app takes 5MP photos. 38MP photo for Pro camera app needs. to shoot in manual mode you Nokia Pro camera permits, which means that full control over camera settings. on the other hand, standard mode all settings that has been protected with adjust and at that time the best image possible in kandishan of lighting quality lighting conditions are also similar.The image is always high quality. takes great photos and details lumia 1020 are so good that you pixelation  without worrying picture can zoom on a particular part.

It has a big problem that we Lumia 1020 camera image processing is slow , then the high – or low resolution Photos – resolution . This phone takes great pictures , but if you want to take instant pictures , you can not rely on it .

One difficulty is to use the camera for a long time it gets warmer smartphone . Even when taking the photos taken on the mobile Internet , the phone gets hot in only 15 minutes . We do not know what the problem is with our calls for review found only in the market with the Lumia 1020 . But the company should focus on what the best thing about this phone is the camera itself .

Close – up shots are not very good and good for picture taking at least 12-15 inches away from the object to call Time is money. Fluorescent camera performance even in weak light . If you use flash , so the colors in the photos may appear slightly yellow .

But the normal settings ( the flash is off ) , are the best photos taken with the camera . Colors are vivid and vibrant pictures appear.

Great Camera
Great display
Uni body Design

Gets Hot
Average Battery Life
No Expandable storage  capacity

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