June 21, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Note3 and Galaxy gear Pre-Booking start in India

Samsung Galaxy Note  3 and Galaxy gear Smart watch of  – Pre- booking has started  in India  . Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the company’s website by Rs 2,000 – Pre- book can be . The rest of the money will have to launch the phone in India .

Samsung Galaxy gear for Smartvoc – Pre- order taking , although it currently can not be purchased separately , it can be taken with Note 3 . Galaxy 3 and Galaxy Note both gear – Pre- booking for 2000 already owe and then pay the remaining money .

The company did not disclose the price is right . The price will know after their launch . This one day event on Tuesday, September 17 Orgnaij Samsung is expected that in the event for the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung India may launch the Galaxy Smart watch gear .

Note 3 was introduced a few days ago in Berlin . Compared to the Galaxy Note 2 Note 3 of the screen is large and it is diluted . Note 2 Note 3 compared to the 5.3 inch screen, 5.7 -inch full HD (1920×1080) Super Molehd screen . LTE (4G ) version 2.3 Gz quad – core processor , while the 3G version will be 1.9 Gz Oktakor processor . 8.3 millimeters thin Fablet 3 GB RAM and 13 Mega pixels the camera . Samsung claims that it can shoot videos in 4K Rejolusn . It is also slightly lighter 168 grams .
Note 3 to 32 and 64 GB storage options . Up to 64 GB with micro – SD card can be used . This is a 3200 mAh battery . Samsung says she is better prepared than ever before multitasking in Note 3 . The phone stylus it ‘s – Pain ‘ is designed to improve even more .

Samsung Galaxy gear Smart watch in Berlin was also introduced . It is a device that can be worn like a watch . Gear will work closely with Galaxy smartphone . It can be connected with Bluetooth smartphone support . Since joining compatible phone calls through it, and it will be view-able on the screen of the phone Notification . The 1.63 -inch 320×320 AMOLED display .

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